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My first project, Mini Racer, is a racing game focused mainly on fast fun. Race against AI or friends in the small environment with your mini-car and try to beat them all! And don't forget to use some rockets and lasers to achieve it!

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The goal

  • The basic idea is to provide the players a little challenge when controlling the car with the static camera over the whole racing track, making Mini Racer a bit different compared to most other racing games available.
  • The game can be played on one keyboard or connected controllers on a single screen for more than one player, allowing multiplayer without a need of the internet connection or more computers.
  • A single races or tournaments are meant to be fast, funny and challenging, but the settings allow a player to change any of those values above the others.


Please keep in mind the game is right now still in concept/beta form. Therefore I'm looking forward not only for votes, but also for a constructive notes and ideas what should be improved, or even how, from you!
As I'm trying to make all the parts of the game as unique as possible (car and environment models, music, etc.) the whole creation process takes some time. Right now there are few points I'm working on:

  • The game will require a new controls manager to make the setting a little easier.
  • The plan is to create about 5-7 different racing tracks (let me know if you think more would be required or less would be enough).
  • Same amount (5-7) goes to number of cars available for racers.
  • Some more songs will be added for a background music.

There might be even some other changes that will appear in upcoming builds.

Also, I'm looking for possibility to translate the game texts to more languages (at the moment there is English, German, Czech and Slovak). If anyone will be interested in translating them and mainly kind enough, please contact me.

At the moment the concept is also available on Steam's Greenlight. Please throw some votes and comments even there!


Here will be a list of changes made to the latest builds (later on I might move it somewhere else).
Actual version: Mini Racer beta build 1.

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