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Some looks at the maps I'm "working on" and a look at the soundtrack I'm trying to create.

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This wasn't the next update I had planned to show off but I thought I'd still put some of the stuff I've been working on in a smaller article for the time being since it'll be a bit until I have another significant progress or feature article.

Hazard Course

The hazard course is back but I plan to alter it a bit both visually and level wise. I will feature things like the flare and prop pick up tutorials in the hazard course most mainly but for now I only have some of the visual touches I have done to show off. Honest feedback would be appreciated especially if this doesn't look quite good, it would be help if there is some sort of suggestion for how I could fix it as well.

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as t0a0 1

Hologram Voice Touches

Another small touch I've added was editing the hologram's voice lines to sound more hologram like, the hologram model for the PS2/AI Barney hybrid model is rough and not quite complete yet either so please excuse the very strange looking model seen in the video here.


I mentioned in an earlier article that there were plans for an original soundtrack, however since there have been changes with the team that ended up making it essentially not a team and just me I have sorta been relegated to creating tracks myself, so far I've only completed one track and it's just a pretty generic ambient track but I thought I'd still show it off just for the sake of showing it off. It's nothing amazing but I find it fitting for the part of the mod I plan to put it in.

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