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To make the game more interesting, I have added mini games instead of waiting for actions for complete. More of the story has been completed.

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Waiting for a drill to finish is never fun, so therefor I have decided to make the game more interesting with different options to unlock doors and bank vaults!

Unlocking Doors

Almost every door can be opened using two different methods.


The first one is a by picking the lock. When pressing the Lockpicking Icon, an overlay is displayed with the lock and a pin. You rotate the pin with the mouse and look closely for when the pin staggers. Once it does, press the left mouse button and the door is unlocked.

AST Screenshot 1 1


Drilling has also been turned into a mini game. Control the drill with the mouse, but don't go too fast into the metal or the drill will overheat and temporarily stop working

To make sure that the bigger drills you use to open bank vaults don't overheat, you have to regularly right-click the drill to cool it down.

A hacking mini game will be added for future levels.

AST Screenshot 0 11

I have updated the explosion effect:


Story Progression

Now that most of the mechanics are functional, I have started re-building the story with the new features implemented.
The game will have around 60 levels. 3 of them, and the prologue are completed so far.

AST Screenshot 2 3

This is the safe house, you will return here after almost every heist.

AST Screenshot 3

The first level after the prologue. A simple Breaking & Entering to learn the lockpicking mechanic.

AST Screenshot 4 2

The first bank, here you learn how to maintain the big drills used to enter the vaults.

AST Screenshot 5

Here you can see Kenny setting up an explosive getaway.

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