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New version of Miner Bob. Second alpha. Added sounds, small tutorial, new pause menu, english manual and much other.

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Happy to present you Alpha 2!
I was made it almost month ago, but wanted to translate manual to english before publishing A2 here. Unfortunately i was very busy for that :( But today i've finished translation!
You can find English Manual here or in archive with game.

What's new in Alpha 2

New Pause Menu

Main changes:

  • Added sounds.
  • Simple ingame tutorial.
  • English manual.
  • Enhanced engines damage system. Engine will unstable working if integrity less than 80% and can lose throttle up to 50%.
  • New pause menu, now with working monitor :3
  • Added scrap that flying around. You can destroy it and get some parts.


Minor changes:

  • Added two easter eggs. It will be hard to find :3
  • Camera now chasing ship from start
  • Messages got background
  • Hotkeys list by F1
  • New hotkey 0(zero) let collapse/expand all monitors
  • The drill now changes the throttle gradually
  • Number of broken monitors depends on the strength of the damage
  • Added weapon crate. It let you change weapon without restarting game.
  • Added food crate. It can contain new types of food: Bread, IceCream and Apples.
  • Ration now drop only in Big Asteroids, but its nutritious was doubled.
  • Radar now select closest asteroid, if selected aster was destroyed or lost
  • Flight Screen now contain Ship Class and Board Number.
  • Engines Screen got Main Page, where you can see state of all engines
  • Radar Screen got new button FIND, that let you choose closest asteroid
  • Some other small changes in monitors
  • Some optimizations
  • Some bugfixes

In this video you can see gameplay of Alpha 2:

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