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In all the craziness surrounding PAX, we have forgotten to announce the winner of the Ultimate Fan Experience...

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In all the craziness surrounding PAX, we have forgotten to announce the winner of the Ultimate Fan Experience. I asked Notch to randomly choose a number between 1 and 500 and he picked 267. Congratulations to Joseph Larsen who has won! He will be given a room for MineCon, VIP seats at the events and also hang out with the Mojang Team for a meal. Congratulations Joseph, we look forward to meeting you in Vegas!

With MineCon just around the corner, this is the time to book your room at the Mandalay Bay. Right now, they are giving us an incredible deal with room rates at $69 for Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday and $99 for Friday and Saturday. They have also allowed for 18-20 year olds to book rooms. Typically in Vegas you must be 21 or over. We won't have these room rates for too much longer. Head over to the Mandalay Bay website to book your room with our group rate! All of Mojang will be staying at Mandalay Bay and we highly recommend that you do too!

We've been getting a lot of questions regarding the MineCon schedule, so we wanted to give you a quick overview of what will be happening.

On Friday, the exhibit hall and game room will open at 10am and the first keynote address will begin at 1pm. Both days will be jammed packed with exciting events such as contest, exhibits, classes covering all different Minecraft topics (with special quests speaking on panels), the Indie Developer theatre, special announcements and much more. Not to mention that each night, there will be incredibly fun parties. Friday night there will be a special 21 and under party (Miners Party) and on both Friday and Saturday there will be 21 and over parties. MineCon will mark the OFFICIAL release of Minecraft and we are extremely excited to celebrate it with you! A more specific schedule will be available soon.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to to register for MineCon 2011. It is an event you DO NOT want to miss!

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Jpmerida - - 203 comments

Wow!!!! THE FULL RELEASED!!!!!?!??!??!?!??!??!
Gratz to Joseph! =)

I hope I have a power of teleportation.


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TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

It's been known for a long while now that MineCon is set to celebrate Minecraft's full release.

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Garyn Dakari
Garyn Dakari - - 1,508 comments

Congrats to Joseph!

Shame I won't be able to make it to MineCon...Ah well.

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Shuden - - 119 comments

Looks like Notch likes Iron Swords -> Data Value 267.
Maybe there's a new Nickname for Joseph ;-)

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TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments

Too bad the event is placed in a completley wrong continent.

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silverfang22 - - 425 comments

'wrong' is a matter of opinion

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Flash112 - - 1,218 comments

unless its Antarctica...

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Kizzycocoa Author
Kizzycocoa - - 1,827 comments

las vegas, for what could be a PG game about block building and creativity, is sort of the wrong location. hell, someone's teaching a private primary school with Minecraft as a test. a successful test.

still, Notch likes las vegas, and it's his game, so fair play. but it isn't the ideal place :P

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Chieftain - - 51 comments

i think i see herobrine benind notch somewhere.PS:i wish i can go but i cant because i dont have any money :( i cant wait for the full released

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

I think i see that too

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Technodude010 - - 101 comments

Hey your avatar is like an avatar I have, except the Biohazard is Green and "Technodude010" is written on top.

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Chieftain - - 51 comments

and your this Technodude010

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ogggrez - - 76 comments


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ALPB - - 129 comments

There is even herobrine in the picture and not the sheep. poor sheep.

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Otter. - - 1,355 comments

Pay my trip and expenses and I'll be there I promise :D

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