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1. Tainted Land (1PP)
- all ally units get +40% armor. All enemy units lose all leadership bonuses. (unchanged)

2. Eye of Sauron (1PP)
- reveals stealthed enemies. +30% damage, +200% experience

3. Flowers of Imlad Morgul (2PP)
- Upgrades Citadel with Flowers growing in Morgul Vale and with Water from Morgulduin. -50% Speed and -35% Armor to nearby Enemies.

4. Morgul Signal (3PP)
- Witch-king prepares the Army to War. Units in camp gain experience.

5. Terror from Cirith Ungol (3PP)
- summons Shelob on the Battlefield

6. Cursed obelisk (3PP)
- creates Cursed Obelsik that heals nearby friendly units and damages all attacking enemies. Player can have max. 3 Obelisks at the same time.

7. Morgul Sorcery (4PP)
+100% Armor to the Citadels and +50% Armor to the defensive structures

8. Send forth all legions (4PP)
- increase Orc production speed (unchanged)

9. Plague (5PP)
- the Nazguls fill the lands with decay and spread the plague among the Enemies. Halves production of enemy buildings in large area.

10. Darkness (6PP)
- shrouds the entire map in darkenss. +33% damage, +50% armor for all ally forces (unchanged)

11. Allies from the South (6PP)
- summons 2 Mumakil and 4 Haradrim Lancer Hordes on the Battlefield.

12. Hammer of the Underworld (15)
- summons Grond on the Battlefield

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