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Hi! We have released new screenshots and the first gameplay videos, mainly demonstrating basic combat and the inventory setup screen.

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We now have a male and female selectable player characters. Next we are working to improve the combat dynamics and effects animations, as well as pickups and powerups.

Mighty Vikings - The Blight of Skarnolf is an action RPG in which you play as a legendary Viking hero fighting to stop the evil sorcerer Skarnolf from unleashing his cursed hoards and starting a terrible conflict that would threaten his home village of Tuen. You must explore dangerous lands fighting monsters, big and small. Explore every city, every dungeon, smash every enemy and liberate forts and villages to accomplish this task. And in order to fight great wars, heroes need ancient runic arms and armour crafted by the gods themselves.

But fear not, great warrior, you will not do this alone. Search for the great runestones of the gods, Vali, Odin, Thor and they will help build your warrior's skills and inventory. And helping the villagers of Tuen means they will help you to choose your next move in the game wisely, to please the gods and save your people. Explore inhospitable lands of the Vikings, from the cold frozen wastes to the lava filled domains resembling hell itself.

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