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Work restarted over the last year or so, progress has been steady. Weapons, and enemies, as well as a few features have been completed. Levels, sounds, menus, various small things still need to be done.

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Again, it has been a long time since this game as seen the light of day. Over a decade of it sitting on the shelf, while life moved on. Well, today, I announce that I have been hard and work on this, with a much improved change in direction. I no longer am calling it a "Medal of Honor" game (I was really into those games in the late 2000s to early 2010s. Although, this game does still take inspiration from that franchise, I feel this is better just named "Midnight Assault".

I've settled on a main campaign of 10 levels plus 2 secret levels, as well as 9 additional bonus levels (found by locating Dog Tags within the campaign levels). There may also be some additional challenge levels, but those aren't mandatory for me finishing the mod.

I've currently completed work on the weapons, the enemies, and a few in-game features. The art took quite a while to do, as most of the weapons were nearly originals, as well as a few enemies had to be heavily modified to fit the theme of this game.

I have a few major milestones organized to help complete major parts of the game. My goal is to have something testable by mid-Spring. It is a short amount of time, but coming fall, I will no longer have time to work on this as much as I am now. I will keep you posted on its progress when major milestones have been completed.

In the meantime, you can visit my Twitter, @treesapthief where I do weekly updates on the mod, and my YouTube channel, where I do Dev Streams every few weekends and demo some of the work done, and continue work on the next feature, or features. I have a account as well, and have considered moving those Dev Streams to that channel, but that's still up in the air at this point.

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