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Here's an update about the features in Middle of Nowhere - Survival/Horror.

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Hey guys,

Here's an update about the features in Middle of Nowhere - Survival/Horror.

- There's a new creature for the caves.
- Replaced the first person player mechanics. Now has realistic movement with swaying of objects that are equipped.
- Changed the melee system. Melee weapons include two new guns, crowbars, baseball bats, a golf club, machetes and a fire axe. Can swap between weapons once found with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc... Different weapons have different power and guns have very limited ammo.
- As you can see from the screenshots over the last few days the graphics have took a major turn.
- There's a bunch of new places you can visit including a graveyard, a town, sewers and dungeons. A lot of objects are now on their way into the game making the game more visually appealing and detailed. This includes a lot of shanty-like objects to fit the games theme. Screenshots coming soon!
- We've been working on the main monsters soundtrack and hope to release a preview soon.
- We've been thinking about optimization for the game and plan to not render everything in real time but instead when the player presses E they can enter new places. This way the frame rate doesn't suffer so much.

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or send us a personal email at - We update more frequently about what we're working on here. - Easiest way to see the latest screenshots.

We still need your support on the Kickstarter, check it out here -

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