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The project is here again with some new details about the enemies. In the game most of the time the player fights against cyborgs but there are also many undeads on his way.

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The Duck


This deathmachine is a bicopter and it usually guards big areas. Its driver is a chihuahua because this dog breed is small enough to let this machine fly. The cyborg doesn't have firearm it use its built-in explosive device to deliver kamikaze attacks. All cyborg model have self-destruction device to prevent the industrial espionage.


  • Really quiet engine and propeller
  • Spry motions to avoid bullet hits
  • High Voltage resistant


  • Weak armor
  • Useless in narrow spaces

The Dog


The Dog has unique legs which can combine the ordinary steps with the rotary motion. Thanks to this technology this robot is capable of really high speed so no one can escape from it. The uncommon limbs are sharp enough to chop through an adult man's ribs. The Dog is controlled by a basset hound because this dog breed is really good tracker.


  • Almost unavoidable ambushes
  • Strong armor


  • Many voulnerable points
  • Sluggish maneuvers

The Spider


This cyborg is the most formidable of all. It is able to run on the wall or the ceiling with its special legs. For the excellent clamber the front legs are strenghtened insomuch these are able to knap a human ribcage immediately. The driver of this cyborg is a gray hound because this dog breed is really calm and have enough patience to learn this special movement system.


  • It can reach almost every location
  • Excellent cooperation with another robots


  • Noisy movement
  • Complex mechanics and training methodes

The Kollie


This is the main thread of the Soviet super weapon project. The Kollie is a humanoid robot controlled by a rough collie. The main aspect was the multifunctionality and the rough collie is one of the most intelligent breed of the dogs. This robust cyborg is able to lift and carry heavy weights so it was made to help the soliders on the battleground.


  • Almost unbreakable armor
  • High intelligence
  • Able to grab and throw things


  • Voulnerable service door



These creatures were made from dead workers and soliders. Some of them have weapons instead of their arms and special low budget artificial legs. The Soviet doctors found a way to revive the bodies after the cardical arrest, but they were not able to restore the brain cells. So the zombies have really low intelligence but they can recognize the hostile objets. After the reanimation they are really though and absolutely capable for close combats.



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Stay tuned, more information coming soon!

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