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The Project Kollie Museum has opened its doors and the alpha test registration has begun.

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The Project Kollie Museum is a little extension to the Metro-2: Project Kollie game. It is a collection of unique conception arts. Those are really unique because all of them are high-resolution, stereoscopic spherephotos. To get an insight to this exhibition you only have to download it from the file section. VR headset (Cardboard or Daydream Viewer) is required to play it.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union all information became unclassified about the Project Kollie. The technical and medical inventions and experiments were revealed by the KGB. A little part of the underground facility got converted to a museum, where every preserved device and assembley can be seen.

autojektor FHD

plot board FHD

During the tour you can see the cyborgs and the development tools. You get a short, but detailed description about almost every object.

tools FHD

You can find interesting informations about the plans and explanations about the functions of the engines.
Some assembley got a magnified replica for the better examination.

dogs leg FHD

head in the jar FHD

Alpha test

The alpha test on GearVR platform will start later on this week if you want to participate in it you can sign up here:
(Send a mail to us and we will give access to you when it starts.) The participation in the test is completely free.

The Google Daydream alpha test will begin a bit later.

If our game piqued your interest and you want to support our project please share this article with your friends and follow us on Facebook and Twitter it means a lot to us.

Stay tuned, more information coming soon!

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The museum is now available in the Google store.

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