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If there are any unknown graphics artists, video producers, musicians, or younger indie developers, this is an invitation to you!

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Hi, I am 15 years old and the creator of this group and TritonForge. Since day one, help and community has been an issue for me. Now that i have more tools and experience, i am looking to make even a small network of people who can share content and help each other. "Need art? contact me or another member" is the ideal step i am looking to create for all things that have to do with creation.

What do we do?

This is not a team of employers and employees, this is a network of indie devs who want to grow collectively and give each other pointers. Start any group projects or keep them to yourselves, still can be in Tritonn. One of the main purposes of this isbranding as well. If you're a member, i would assume you would want to put branding from the group somewhere in the game if you benefited at all from the group with feedback, tips, or resources. This brings you attention from being linked to us, and brings us attention from being linked to you. We want to build a big team, join us and let's make something worth sharing!

Want to join? Heres how.

Email us(me) at: and tell a little bit about yourself as a person and developer.

- How long have you produced digital content for?

- Why do you do it?

- How old are you?

- Do you plan on developing for the long term?

these are the sorts of questions to be answered in the e-mail.

Also, send us a link to something you've produced just so we can take a peek.

Cheers to everyone!


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