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I've decided that based on the speed I'm working the mod will be ready by Christmas this year.

Another important thing is I am now looking for a voice actor to play someone, male or female, doesn't really matter. Not going to say anything about that because I want to keep the plot details hidden, but if you are interested give me an example of your voice by emailing me at (or adding me on msn). If your voice is right then I'll say so, but if I do pick you then you will be required to record something every few days (or so) for about the next 2 months. There can be a gap if you tell me. You must also have a decent microphone. I would use Acapela TTS but then it'd seem like I was ripping off Portal: Prelude.

So, interested? Email me or add me to MSN at

Depending on how good your microphone is, and how good your voice is I may pay you, we'll discuss that when you contact me.

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