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Talking about the next mod in the Eternium series, details and the differences between this and the next one.

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Since I realize that the vast majority of the people who will see this mod will not know about the fact that this is indeed my first mod remade, I'd like to raise knowledge of the fact that this is not a sequel to the original, but rather, an interlude of sorts, as well as talk about this mod.

See, the massive differences in quality between the Prologue and Chapter One (Now Mercy of the Mother) were such a gulf that I thought it'd be jarring, and frankly that isn't good. I also thought that I needed to prove that I could make a great mod that is akin to Penumbra and Amnesia before releasing a mod that is more like A Machine for Pigs (Though it started development long before it was released) thusly improving not only my portfolio but my skills as well.

Mercy of the Mother, or Chapter One, is based around Dear Esther esque story telling whilst having a small horror influence and maintaining more actual gameplay, subsequently creating a game that is more original than most and hopefully refreshing to play. Sins of the Father is focused around telling the narrative whilst completely horrifying and terrifying the player, to an extent that may be comparable to The Dark Descent.

Just hope that clears it up.

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