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In Cheesecake's Legacy era mod, he has a Merchant space dock that increases a planet's income as well as allow special units to built at that planet, I liked the idea so much I have decided to do the same. Thanks for the Idea Cheesecake!

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The Commerce station is buildable by every faction at tech lvl 2, and the planet it is built at must have at least a lvl 2 station. The commerce station adds 4x the credit value of the planet's base production (compared to the mining facility's 2x) a very hefty sum, but needed for the massive fleets and higher level ships. Each commerce station has a garrison of fighters and bombers similar to the faction's lvl 1 station, tho none of them are able to be upgraded it is something that I am looking into. The Commerce station is built as a secondary structure, same as the gravity well generator or long range scanners. Having a commerce station in orbit allows that planet to build special ships that would otherwise not be available.

The available ships are:
Freefall bomber
Havoc (Scurrg H-10) Heavy Fighter

Diamond Cruiser
Y8 Mining Ship

Recusant Frigate

Providence Cruiser/Carrier

These are the starting units for the Commerce station, other ships are being looked at and any suggestions will be accepted but not necessarily included. Pics will be up of the new ships sometime in the next week or so.

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Great idea!

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