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We updated the whole ingame menu. The new menu has a new style and is more user friendly and displays more information.

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Hi folks,

we finally updated our ingame gui. We tried some new styles and finally we find a good one. The menu itself is not ready, but we want to show the current status of the development.

Ingame Menu

At the moment we have the 3 parts "top menu", "build menu" and "unit menu" in our gui. Lets have a look in detail:

Ingame Menu

Top Menu

The top menu shows the current amount of the basic resources in the village you are looking at. It is possible to change the displayed resources and adapt it to your needs. Furthermore the top menu shows the resources available in this area of the map. With this information you can find a good spot for your village.

Ingame Menu

Build Menu

The build menu shows all buildings. Each level of your village has a set of buildings. As soon as you reach the next level of the village you are able to build a new set of buildings. As you can see, we are planing 4 level. Each level will have 10 until 15 different buildings. That means the final game will have approximately 50 different buildings.

Ingame Menu

Unit Menu

The unit menu has 3 parts. The first part includes the name of the unit (in this case the name of the building), a picture and the health of the unit. The second part contains unit specific information. In this case it contains the resource in this building (1 bole, 1 firewood). The third part of the unit menu contains buttons to interact with the unit. In this case it is a button to force that a carrier collect the resources stored in the building.


We are planing to add a mini map and some kind of information strip with important information for the player.

We hope you like the new style of the gui. So feel free to comment and share your ideas with us.
Please do not forget to support us on Greenlight.


sweet. this still making?

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