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Melon Quest Feature Update: Fast-paced platformer gameplay, quirky narrated story, loot & crafting, exploration & stunning vistas, puzzles & world interaction.

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Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out new info about the features in Melon Quest!

Here are the first five features we've announced on

Fast-paced platformer gameplay

Getting around in Melon Quest requires quick reflexes as you use your sticky pink hands to climb walls and dangerous overhangs, without falling to your doom.

Along with your wicked climbing skills, you can run, jump and dash your way through the world.


Quirky Narrated Story

On your quest you will be accompanied by a charming, quirky narrator who provides guidance and humour throughout your Melon Quest adventures.

This comedic character will help tell the story as you embark upon a quest to retrieve the annual melon harvest stolen from Nelom, the Melon King. As your journey unfolds, the story will grow with your progress and interactions in the world. Interacting with interesting characters can lead to smaller sub-stories and quests, which may branch off the main path of your journey.

Narration is humorously performed by Aaron ‘Maz’ Nassau, Youtube content creator & Independent short film maker. You can check out some of his other work/creations at Extremebeyond or

Loot & Crafting

What would a RPG be without loot?! You can find and collect loot in the world, or from slaying enemies, and craft the loot into helpful items when in towns.

Loot consists of crafting items, consumables, tradeable items and instabuffs.

Crafting items can be used to enhance combat or assist with solving puzzles.


Exploration & Stunning Vistas

Not all paths in Melon Quest are linear. Some regions will split off into multiple, interconnected paths for you to explore.

There are also big, breathable moments of gameplay that allow you to slow down and take in your surroundings. These areas are designed with eye catching environments or massive vistas to immerse you in the game.



Puzzles & World Interaction

Use your wit, skills and surroundings to solve puzzles and progress through the game. At times you’ll need to interact with objects in the world in order to continue on your path or unlock secrets.


Latest gameplay video

Didn't make it to The Indie Games Room at AVCon 2015? Witness the tutorial and highlights from the Melon Quest pre-alpha gameplay demo as showcased at AVCon.

The demo footage consists of core platformer functionality.

As mentioned above, narration is humorously performed by Aaron 'Maz' Nassau, Youtube content creator & Independent short film maker. You can check out some of his other work/creations at

We'll be posting new features on the Melon Quest website or you can stay up to date by following us here on IndieDB, through Facebook, Twitter or signing up to our mailing list here.


Looks really good !

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JuicyCupcake Author


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INtense! Staff

very cool, tracking

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JuicyCupcake Author

Wow, you're the creator of Indie DB?
Thanks for the feedback + thanks for creating Indie DB! I had no idea this platform was created by fellow Australians.

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