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Some more weapon information. The asteroid and moon laser weapons are covered.

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This article shows a couple more of the superweapons available in the game. These are some of the big guns.

5) Asteroid. What would you do if you could control an asteroid? Drop it on your enemies of course. This is a true superweapon with huge destructive power. Takes a long time to reload, so deciding when to fire is important as you probably won't get a second shot off before the base gets destroyed.

6) Moon Laser. Fires a beam from the moon to the earth, setting off a chain reaction that burns off the surface of the planet. Voted #1 Doomsday Device in Supervillain Monthly Magazine, December 2015.

More videos to come -stay tuned.

baszermaszer - - 446 comments

That moon laser almost scorched half the planet! Nice effects.

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