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An introduction to some of the weapons available in the game. Nukes, fusion bombs, nanites, and the volcano weapon are covered.

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Weapons - Part 1

This post will introduce some of the weapons available in the game, and show their effects.

1) Nuke. This is the basic weapon, available from the start of the game. Each nuke base can hold up to 3 missiles, and the time to reload after firing is fairly short. The nuke is not powerful enough to destroy an enemy base or large city with a single hit, so they are most effective when fired in salvos.

2) Fusion Bomb. This is the first of the superweapons. While it can destroy a city with a single hit, this is still relatively minor compared to the damage the more powerful weapons can do.

3) Nanites. This missile is loaded with self replicating nanites. Once released they will spread over the surface of the earth, consuming everything they touch. They will continue to spread after release, so using this weapon close to your borders is probably not a good idea.

4) Volcano. The warhead on this missile triggers the eruption of a continent sized supervolcano that blasts magma across the surface of the earth. A devastating addition to any arsenal.

More weapon info to come in Part 2. Stay tuned.

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