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Hey Guys, We've been working day and night in some of the core features of the game and some take a bit of time before we can show them to you. So here some of the stuff we've been working on:

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New Interface

You can finally try out the new interface.

There's drag and drop in and grid inventory.

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There's more information about what is going on with the character.

From the Cooldowns to the level of mutation you have in each part of the body, now you'll be better informed about whats going on.

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Item storage

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We added the chest so you can store your valuables and keep a nice stash of food and tools in your house.

New Animations

We have been adding new animations to the main character giving her a more distinct outlandish feel.

You can try our new basic movement animations (move, jump, swim, etc) and a couple of attacks.

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New Attack System and Executions!

The new attack system lets you combo attacks together. In this version you'll be able to test simple boxing combo and a new alternative attack.

This being a permadeath game, you loose every thing on your body when you die. So it is really important that dying or killing are unique moments.

When you drop to 0 hp you will fall down and crawl for a few seconds. If you get out of harm's way you'll get back up with a portion of your hp. If not.. you might die and loose everything..

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And of course if you really want to murder someone you can go over a crawling player and execute them!

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Paired with the new animations we are really hoping, that you guys like the direction where we are taking the combat in Shrooms.

Larger Map and Environment hazards

We made the map bigger, now there are a lot more places were you can build cool houses.We rebuilt the swamp area making it more swampy.. and it looks good!

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Most of the mushrooms will not be picked up without a sickle instead, they will burst in your face and usually that's not very nice.

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There are Environment Hazards that will make your life a bit more difficult in the swamp and the desert. Quick tip, play with them to protect your self from other players =D

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What are we working on:

Finish up the Attack System

We are still working in the movement and attack system making it work with mutations, weapons, special movements, special items, etc

Implement Co-op mechanics

We are starting to create more interesting co-op mechanics for crafting and combat, more on that later.

Rework Mutations in Visual and Gameplay and..... Male Character

We are making a visual update to the mutations and making all of the mutations more meaningful.

Yes, we are making a Male Character!

You asked for it you got it, here is a sneak peak:

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* Warning *

Remember this is still in alpha and we are implementing and testing new gameplay and visuals!

If you are looking for a finished, polished product this not it, yet!

As you know your feedback is extremely important for us to drive the game in the right direction, so keep it coming we will get back at you asap.

booman - - 3,651 comments

Great to see lots of animation...
Thanks for making a male character as well!
Love those detailed assets, keep up the hard work!

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