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How the one and only artist working on DimensionZ got into game design.

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The first game I ever played was Pong. The first computer I owned was the Commodore 64. Since the time when you bought a magazine with the code to make a game published inside it. It would take days, weekends, weeks to input this code, just to play a simple game on your Commodore. I have had a passionate love for games since i was a kid. Spent so many quarters at the local arcade. Blehh.. I could have bought my own damn stand up game.

I have pursued many artistic projects in my time on this rock. First and foremost, I am an artist. Whatever it takes to express the emotions. I went to college to learn I didn't belong there, and I didn't want a debt to pay till I was in my forties just to learn that I didn't need the education. My work will, and does stand for itself, no education applied. This realization drove me to tattoo art and body modification for over 15 years. I was also a professional musician during this time.

After many a hard days and tribulations, I started my life over. This is what brings me to you.

I relocated.. didn't want to work in a studio atmosphere any longer, and I decided to take a look around at other jobs in art. This is how I met Mike. I did the natural thing right? I went to Craigslist. Here, is where I found what I was looking for. An opportunity to change my careers and settle a developing dream of working in games. This is a risk but one well worth effort. I just needed someone to take a chance on me and my ability to learn 20 programs in 3 months.. lol. Mike was kind enough, and desperate enough himself to say... "its worth a try". We took a chance on each other, and I have to say, it was well worth it. We work very hard and well together. Keep an eye out for the real stuff to come out of this new and scary adventure of two guys called.. Code Avarice

Travis Pfenning
Founder/Lead Design Artist

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