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New features: Mouse wheel, max waypoints 32, Repair Truck can recharge from resource buildings and trucks, Repair Bay not destroyed when empty, Unspent RPs added after mission, Liao elite barracs walkable fix, recalc paths when building destroyed, enemy units are not all team 2. Improved mech models (better models, animation, weapon nodes). New mechs, new tanks, new buildings EDITOR NO crush on exit, new Groups for mechs, vehicles and buildings. Visit us on Hard Light Production Forums.

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Mech Commander Omnitech version 102

New features:
- Mouse wheel incorporated in all MCO list boxes.
- max waypoints changed from 16 to 32,
- Repair Truck can recharge from resource buildings and trucks.
- Repair Bay is not destroyed when empty.
- Unspent RPs added after mission as CBills.
- Liao elite barracks walkable fix
- Game will recalc paths when building destroyed.
- When capture, enemy units are not all team 2 for enemy.

Improved mech models (better models, better animation, more weapon nodes)
Warhawk, CauldronBorn, Orion, Orion 2c, Awesome, Intruder, Grizzly, Nova

New mechs: Warhammer 2c, Zeus MK2, Elemental,

New tanks: JEdgar, Saracen, Savannah, Striker

New buildings: Forest-wall (2 types), Solar Collector, Jade Falcon and Wolf banners, New Pyramid, New Ammo Dump model (LOD0)

Fixed bugs:
- vehicle 2 weapon node bug (only 2 were active, if created more then 2
in ASE/TGL vehicle fire only first salvo and never again. All 4 nodes are now
active and OK)
- Qucksave bug cannot save if weapon nodes > 10

- NO crush on exit in win7!
- More building groups in editor.
- Editor finally fixed - no more crushes in unit settings dialog.
- 4 Groups for mechs, 2 groups for vehicles.

For now download from the link from my post below.

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