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Mech Commander Omnitech 4xx is coming soon. MCO NEWS 08112014

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NEWS 08112014

Disabled mechs at start of the mission are no longer fallen, they are shutdown.
Single Player pilot files changed, added statistics for weapons specialty skills for Veteran and Regular pilots.
Main menu button "return to game" disabled if no mission.
Support options for Salvage Craft, Repair Truck, Sensor, Artillery and Air Strike added to quick save/load.
Salvage Pilot List Box reloaded after quick load to show correct pilots.
Multiple drop zones - up to 3 drop zones, first 3 players mechs deployed in editor.
Left click on deployment team mech icon changes drop zone.
Only first 3 undamaged players mechs are used for drop zones.
Mechs from different drop zones are in different force groups.
Drop zone selection available in Pilot Ready Screen.
Pilot Ready Screen has a Tacmap showed in place for mech model if no mech without pilot selected.
Sound defined in editor is not playing when mission started, fixed. Disabled in mission start for now.
Tune number saved with quick save is the one played during save. Disabled play in quick load for now.
New mech specialty skills implemented.
Pilot Ready Screen changed - new specialty skills and attribute meters.
Every mission adds one point in specialty skill for mech class.
Allied Mechs can be repaired by players repair truck.
Disabled mechs at start have sensor system disabled.
More options in editor for scenario tune (up to 12 for now)
Polt Ready Screen - new skills.
Pilot Purchase Screen finished.
Pilot mech skills fix. Pilot files for regular and veteran pilots changed- mech skills added.
New pilot rank icons.
5 new pilot sound PAK files added from MCG crew voices. For Green, Regular, Veteran, Elite and Ace pilots.
Main menu screen changed - new look.
Pilot ready screen, change hire pilots button when pilots available for hire. Medal placement fix.
Info window fixed and finished.
Disabled mechs at start have their sensor sistem broken instead of disabled.
prefs - resolution detection changed.
Resolution 1366x768 fixed.
Resolution 1024x768 fixed.

New Firefly mech.
New mech Hades - replaced centurion1.
New MadDog mech model (9 weapon nodes).
New Vulture mech model (MW4) (9 weapon nodes).
New Avatar mech model (9 weapon nodes).
New KitFox mech model.
New Dragon mech model (6 weapon nodes).
New Hunchback mech model.
New Hunchback2c mech model.
New Highlander model (9 weapon nodes) with new animation.
Improved NovaCat mech model with 8 weapon nodes.
New Cyclops mech model (9 weapon nodes).
New mech model StormCrow (7 weapon nodes).
New mech Crusader (10 weapon nodes - replaced Commando2c(removed)).
New Anihilator mech model (10 weapon nodes).
New Direwolf mech model (12 weapon nodes - walk anim fix).
New mech model Executioner
New mech model Jenner.
New mech model Jenner2c.
New mech model Raven.
New mech Gladiator,90t, clan, 9 weapon nodes in place of Highlander2c. Highlander2c removed from the game.
New mech model Wolfhound.
New mech model Adder.
New mech model Javelin.

Warhawk mech model fix (feet fix -walk anim fix).
Centurion mech model and texture fix.
Old Champion mech model returned.

New Building Component Stack.
New buildings LightPost, Medium post (completed med and lt walls and gates set1). Pine1,2,3 larger 1.3 times.
New building Command Center.
New Hanger model and texture.
New ABL commands

tuneID - music ID number from sound.snd
setmechgesture(MechID, gestureID);
MechID - number from the editor for buildings, part id for mover (getunitmates(squadID)) from squad ID.
gestureID - (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (fallen backward),8,..)
Effect: FOR DISABLED MECHS ONLY. set mech gesture to be fallen,...
destroymechbodylocation(MechID, locationID);
MechID - part id for mover (getunitmates(squadID)) from squad ID.
locationID - ( 0 - HEAD, 1 - CTORSO, 2 - LTORSO, 3 - RTORSO, 4 - LARM, 5 - RARM, 6 - LLEG, 7 - RLEG,)
Effect: Destroy selected mech body location.
MechID - part id for mover (getunitmates(squadID)) from squad ID.
Effect: Random damage to all front mech armor locations.
state can be True or False;
Effect: Enable/Disable repair truck in support for the mission.
state can be True or False;
Effect: Enable/Disable salvage craft in support for the mission.

Mission mw2_n_0 replaced (old MC2 mission replaced with new one).
Mission Solaris 3 fixed.
Missions mw2_n_7 and mw2_10_1 Luthien added to mw2mercs campaign.

MCO is at version 415. There are 2 missions (final MW2 Mercs campaign missions) to be made, some fixes and testing before this release.


Can't wait

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You Rock!

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Worlds of Kudos!

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