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NEW - component list box stackable. - Mechs: Stalker, Crab, Firefly. - Vehicles: Bulldozer, Hummer, ACV REDESIGNED - mechs: Nova, Argus, Champion, Blood Kite, Fafnir, Lupus, Hellfire. BUG FIXES - missing buttons for low resolutions. - crush after the last mission.

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Mech Commander Omnitech is standalone game.
There is no need for Mech Commander 2 installation nor disk.

Alternate download link:

Complete list of changes since 240:

241 :More detail and water textures.
242 : Minor building fixes (Karl), cement2 to 7 (Starman)
243 :
Extent radius for large vehicles returned/set to 20 (Starman).
Hollander.csv new variant (Starman).
Timberwolf fix (Karl).
MAX_SENSORS increased to 200 (+50).
Editor: message for max units on save changed from 104 to 192.

244 :Mw4 Cougar fixed - error in tgl incorrect ase export (6 weapon nodes), new Cougar model (6 weapon nodes).
245 : MAX_MOVERS_PER_TEAM increased to 150 (was 120). Max units for one team must be less then 150 (usually enemy).
Number of units plus number of sensor towers must be less then 200.
246 : AblStackHeap set to 4Mb.,Mission mw2_8_1_Wolcot added to mw2mercs campaign
247 : No salvage if mech too deep under water, removed gos_free in terrtxm.cpp.
248 : New mech - Stalker 11 weapon nodes, Nova mech - Changed torso - original was unusable.
249 : Button layout for lowest resolutions fixed, Stalker and Mist Lynx icons, New salvage values in salvage screen, armor and internal damage reduce the price, Players disabled mech can be salvaged for 10% of the price.
250 : Mech salvaged through salavge screen after mission are not auto-repaired.
251 : Hollander2.csv fix.
252 : Mech icon - Crossbow, MistLynx fix (Karl).
253 : UniversalBrain.abl file updated, 2 new component warehouses (new textures), Destroyed Nova fix, CanHaveECM will not be listed as ECM in weapons listbox for mechs. It is listed as a component.
254 : Null overlay index (terrain type) redefinition from 41 to 1, Both Editor and MCO recompiled, New mech Crab.
255 : Fixed crush on exit after last mission in campaign (save dropweight), New vehicle ACV.
256 : New vehicle Bulldozer, New vehicle Hummer
257 : New Argus texture, new shadow model (Karl).
258 : New BloodKite texture and shadow model (Karl)
259 : New Fafnir texture and shadow model (Karl)
260 : Fafnir texture fix (Karl)
261 : Changes in several modules per Echalon9s PVS studio changes, MaxVisualRange = 400 (
262 : New Champion model (Karl), 5 new textures for Karls models.
263 : 2 bugfixes per Echelon
264 : New mech Firefly (Karl - model by Starman)
265 : Firefly icon (Karl), Compbas min ranges for some weapons added, LRM range decreased.
266 :
Component stacking in components inventory and purchase.
Number of components can be set in purchase file:
l Component3 = 156 //Laser
l CompCount3 = 10
Game can read both new and old purchase files and combination (if CompCount is not found CompCount=1)

Mech variant can be set in purchase file:
st Mech1 = "Jenner"
l MechVariant1 = 1
Game can read both new and old purchase files and combination (if MechVariant is not found MechVariant=0)

Files mcl_c$ and mcl_mc changed in art folder - new text box definition for component count.
267 : Change in Component Purchase screen because of previous modifications.
268 : Lupus redesign (Karl).
269 : Hellfire redesign and Lupus fix (Karl). Mech purchase screen changes.



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Congratulations to the new version release.
The user interface starts to look cool.

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Whenever I mass purchase weapon components, it will always crash, does not happens for 240. try to fix this

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magicX Author

Thank you Blanchimont.

It is conflict between old and new component list box. It will load old purchase files and components listed in old way will be unstacked in purchasing. When the player purchases components the game will stack those unstacked and the counter will not work correctly. It is fixed. There will be new release next week.

Thank you for playing and reporting.

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How much longer till next release?
Sorry to show inpatients, but I am eagar for the new features avaliabe and being playable.

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Did the difficulty get upped? from what I remember there weren't this many mechs swarming us on the missions. I'm in A07 Convoy Pickup now, I can barely fend off the first wave of clan mechs when another star of them popup at the end near the launch site.
I'm trying not to cheat but i'm struggling with a lance of light mechs. Half my mechs are toast by the time I go face this last star of medium and lights led by the Gargoyle.

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magicX Author

Blow the bridges?

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