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Mean Machines offers a crash-racing or car-combat game to mobile users in a compact, pick-up-and-play format and make the genre more accessible to users who aren't tremendously experienced with racing/ driving games.

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Mean machines is a fully action-packed crash racing physics-based game with an intense gameplay wherein you get to choose a machine/bot and go bang on other machines to win some cash to strengthen the current machine or buy a new stronger one. Mean Machines has a grand variety of challenges, live series, an endless play mode, multiplayer and completely revamped interface and graphics with loads of new content to unlock to keep the users engaged.

The game initially introduce the user to a set of individual, quick and action-packed challenges in the form of the first Season and offers a very carefully designed and rigorously tested difficulty progression to ease them into the game’s concept, help them become familiar with the controls, other systems such as repairing the machines, currencies etc. and lets them get a good feel for the physics before gradually raising the stakes with the more advanced challenges with bigger arenas, obstacles, crazy contraptions and traps, more aggressive enemy machines and more innovative and genuinely exciting challenges. Over the course of the Season, the user will participate in Handicap Matches, time-based Brawler levels, Survival challenges and team battles as well as some crafty, task-oriented challenges where they’d be required to set off detonators, evade crunching pistons and thumping basketballs before taking out their competition to claim victory. New machines and zones are unlocked as the one progresses through these challenges and the rewarded currency can be used to buy new machines with more capabilities and tuning options as well as repair the currently owned machines and prepare them for battle.

The Season, in a way, forms the spine of the game as progression through these challenges guarantees that the user has acquired a certain level of skill to move on to greater difficulties and the other game modes are unlocked mainly by first successfully completing a number of levels of the Season.

The next of the game’s offline game modes is the Carnage Mode which offers a relentless and perhaps also the most over-the-top action in Mean Machines by bringing out endless waves of enemies of varying levels and strengths into an enormous arena that is populated with cracking action in every corner! Right from metal cutters and springboards to pistons and detonators that will make the player spin, dodge, crash and go boom, our unique endless mode offers a great way to practice your skills, try out some crazy new manoeuvres and earn instant cash for every enemy machine that you take down. With the largest selection of enemies, an integrated challenge to defend your power-generators from the rivals’ attack and real-time rank tracking through FB login, the Carnage Mode is your key to non-stop action!

Mean Machines supports an online mode as well. Named Derby Online, this mode lets you compete with people across the globe and pile up some derby XP. Crush the opponents, earn XP and rise up the leader board. Rule is simple- “THE BEST ONE SURVIVES”. This is a platform where you can show how skilled you really are in the game which will be reflected by your rank on the leader board. There is a catch though, this mode is incorporated with not one but a number of different challenges that you can play online, each of them quite intense and nerve-wracking and they are set randomly so no one knows what awaits them before the game begins.

Mean Machines also offers a refreshingly different take on the game by way of the LiveWire feature. Users can work past the hassle of repairing their machines or earning cash and jump straight into the action in a limited set of live challenges which push their skills to the limit. The true definition of straight-up action, LiveWire allows you to pick a tough challenge and gives you any number of attempts to beat the scenario. These levels are updated regularly and are available whenever you are connected to a network and often feature exclusive machines and maps and boast the biggest rewards of any other mode in the game including unlocking some exclusive machines free of cost!

The list goes on and there are still tonnes of features that haven’t been mentioned like enabling user tracks, in game power-ups etc. Overall Mean Machines is an explosive action-packed brawler with a grand variety of challenges online and offline, completely revamped interface and graphics with loads of new content to unlock to keep the users engaged. It’s a very exciting game of this genre and can easily prove to be an addictive one.

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