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Meadow of Dreams is finally released! Meadow of Dreams is a Role Playing Game inspired by Harvest moon with visual novel elements, the main goal of the game is to unlock one of the three endings, as you build relationships with the villagers, you will unlock CGs and over 20 scenes! Grow and harvest crops, fish, mine and once you earn enough money, build a barn and take care of some animals! Will you find your dream in the village of Celeste, or will you uncover something much darker?

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Hello reader!
After many years, it is finally the release day for my newest project, "Meadow of dreams".


During these years, the project had many iterations and changes, so what exactly is Meadow of Dreams?
Much like a visual novel, it is an interactive story whose main goal is to unlock all the CGs, endings and scenes.
The task is made easier once you complete the game once by offering a "New game+" mode.


The gameplay is inspired by Harvest Moon, you, the protagonist, obtain a long abandoned farm and by earning money by performing various tasks such as growing and selling crops or fishing, you will have the chance to upgrade your home or build a barn and take care of animals.


All while building relationships with the eight characters that populate the small village of Celeste:
Speak with them everyday, give them gifts, participate in the village events, and so on!


Just like in other farming games, seasons are important; not only the village will change visually from season to season but the seeds you will be able to purchase will depend on it as well.


During winter you will not be able to grow anything but the cave will become accessible;
Getting at the very bottom will unlock one of the different secrets that this game hides, which all point out to the dark mystery that you will have to solve.


Do you still have any question about the game or perhaps you want more information?
Visit the official website.

Interested in the game and want to purchase it or look at more screenshots or a list of features?
Visit the page.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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