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NEW hi-res menus (unfinished). AUTO DETECT closest supported screen resolution to players desktop resolution. NEW and remodeled buildings. 5 NEW ABL commands. Many bug fixes. Many memory allocation changes. Repair bay dynamics changed with 2 new repair bays. Some new 2D art... Visit our forum at Hard Light Production Forums.

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MCO version 133

Mechs are free of mc2res.dll for logistics.
Please dont create mirrors for MCO, there will be 3 (filesonic, wupload and megaupload).

MCO version 132

REmodeled buildings: Barracks, Chemical Plant, Dome, HQ, Hangar,
Industrial complex, Liquid Storage - (Karl - models Hades)
Popup MRM Turrets anim fix (karl)
New buildings: Factory, Dome (karl)
New Salamander Armor as mech (karl - model by ThorC).
REmodeled buildings: 2StoryCivLiving (karl)
Fixed: Elemental (new animation - karl), Factory, Dome (Karl).
New Building: Windmill Port Arthur variant (karl)
Editor buiding groups fix.
Exodus and MW2 missions fixes - l modelID = ... must be new objnum for mechs,
vehicles and new buildings, or the edit0r crush on show object in objectives.
x_2_5 fix: Truck moved out of danger.
Repair Bay dynamics changed.
New building: Field Repair Bay
New Building: Portable Repair Bay
New Vehicle: Armored Supply Truck
Old Repair bay with new anims for new repbay dynamics

4 new abl commands:
pointsToAdd - number of Resource points, can be + or -.
Effect: Add resource points for the mission.
pointsToAdd - amount of money, can be + or -.
Effect: In mission add money.
Effect: Enable/Disable repair truck in support for the mission.
Effect: Enable/Disable salvage craft in support for the mission.

Chance to fall under heavy fire (hit by heavy weapons).
Auto detect closest supported resolution to players desktop resolution.

NEW ABL command:
settxtbuildingname(BuildingID, "BuildingName");

BuildingID - number from the editor for building.
"BuildingName" = "New text building name"

Effect: Display "BuildingName" text as building name in mission.
Works for Buildings, Turrets amd Gates

Building does not need entry in mc2res.dll. All is set in
st Name="Building Name" - text for in mission display
l BuildingName=0 - must be zero

Buildings dont need entrys in mc2res.dll for the editor.
In buildings.csv type "Building Name" instead of "Name ID Number"
Mechs and vehicles also dont need entrys in mc2res.dll.
For vehicles it is ( file): st Name ="Ambulance".
For mechs it is (mech.csv file): MechName,Anihilator.

Elemental and Salamander jump fix (karl)
Huntsman and IceFerret - better mech models (karl)
Mech CSVs fix for new armor.
New armor allocation - more armor types.
My missions RPtruck fix.

Mech speed display extended

New Hi-res menus. 3 resolutions: standard 800x600 plus 1280x1024 and 1440x900

Mission briefing screen and pilot ready area added to new menus.
Mech purchase fix, compnent purchase fix.

mech purchase screen added to new menus.

Fixed bad load for feet0000.tga
Added folder detail with some detail textures to textures folder.

New logistic res change

new menus component purchase screen added.
new building - Generator (karl)

auto resolutions change - change resolution only if desktop res is
different then logistic res.

mission heap eliminated
appearance heap eliminated
terrain heap eliminated (200 crushes on first loaod after game start)
radio and msgheap heap eliminated
soundheap heap eliminated
system heap eliminated
gui heap eliminated - it was not used?
tgl heap eliminated. (f MaxVisualRange = 500 //300)
mechlab art for mechs - Karl
ase2tgl mem error fixed.

Hey-Pi-Ron - - 469 comments

I can't download it from filesonic. How about megaupload or mediafire mirror?

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wilmet - - 109 comments

Cheers Magic, downloading now ;-)

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