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Press coverage on McDROID has been abysmal so I need your help make some noise. If you want to see this super fun, hardcore action-strategy on the market in a shape that's awesome, come join me to make some noise!

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The community that gathered around McDROID - has been awesome - yes, that's YOU, and frankly, I wouldn't have continued refining it to this level without your support.

But I've been in "dev mode" for over one and a half year and it's time to switch to "making noise mode", have this game known to everyone because nobody knows about McDROID.

So I'm stopping development and will be 100% making some noise so if you want to help this dev out and have fun in the process, here is what you can do :

- Twit and Facebook about the kickstarter or greenlight inks and and
- Message your favorite youtubers from this list
- embed the kickstarter in your own web page, the embed code is this:

html4strict code:

- embed the greenlight on your web page

html4strict code:

- write on all gamer forum
-Make some noise !!!
- Pledge :) the scupture of McDROID is pretty awesome.

If you want to reach me, my skype id is 'daslolo'

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.

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