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After a year of silence MC Reuse Mod is back with the newest version of Minecraft and MCreator: 1.10.2!

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As the summary tells, I worked on a reboot for the MC Reuse Mod and I managed to patch it up to Minecraft version 1.10.2!

I will tell you some of the news and changes in this update and about MC Reuse Mod in general. Let's begin!

Changes in this version:

Firstly, I have to disappoint you: there really hasn't changed much. Most of the original features are still included and some of them have been removed. Here you get a quick overview about what has changed:

1. Aside from normal sandstone, you can also work with red sandstone:

Update to Minecraft version 1.10.2!

2. You can use doors as fuel:

Update to Minecraft version 1.10.2!

3. Here is all the other stuff that you can now use as fuel:

  • Hay Bales
  • Books
  • Wheat
  • String
  • Feathers
  • Bowls

4. There is now slime armor anymore:

Because seriously, it had nothing todo with this mod.

That's it for the changes - you see there hasn't changed much :D


Now let's go on to features that are still here from the old version.

1. You can still recraft wooden planks to the according type of log.

Recycle recipes for wood

2. You can still get sand from sandstone.

Update to Minecraft version 1.10.2!

3. You can still craft an iron door from a wodden door and some iron - to save some, you know.

Update to Minecraft version 1.10.2!

4. You can still get some glowstone dust from glowstone, without having to break it.

Update to Minecraft version 1.10.2!


You can still cook Spider Eyes and Rotten Flesh to get some tasty meat!

Update to Minecraft version 1.10.2!Update to Minecraft version 1.10.2!

There will still be coming some more features in the future. If you have some ideas or suggestions, please poste them down here in the comments!

That's it for now. I will be working more on this and integrate some of your suggestions, fix some bugs, etc.

You can download the newest versions here: CLICK

Also you can get a really nice overview of this on our homepage HERE.

Have a great day!

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