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New status report of Mashinky development is took more than I expected, but it is finally here!

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New status report of Mashinky development is took more than I expected, but it is finally here!

Mashinky's got some new 3D assets, for example very first diesel locomotive (Br class 3)! I've also moved most of map generating algorithms from CPU to the GPU, so Start new game it is more than 10 times faster!

UI has been improved a lot. Now all quests are visible on the left side of the screen and on the right side, there are game messages (like that storage is full, train has no orders or trains crashed into each other).

The biggest change from my perspective is adding new game option cathegory "Hardcore" where you could find very challenging game options. The very first switch cause train to not magically turn around, but it starts to go on reverse instead (with some speed limitations) and you have to solve it somehow (with better track / routelist design, secondary locomotive on the train tail, etc).

..and last but not least: Mashinky won "Best gameplay" and "Peoples choice" awards in Game Access '17 conference! And thanks to this, I shaked hands with Chris Avellone!


- Diesel engine smoke
- New Sounds from Andrej and Ben
- Improved and faster signals placing
- Next iteration of quest / tutorials scripts
- First Diesel Locomotive - Br class 3 from Jakub
- Added support for GPU accelerated terrain generating
- Quest text formating, better management and new script functions
- New system for selective track removing (heuristic simulated annealing)
- Improved path tracking and smarter behaving according to red signals
- Added system for on-screen game messages, added few of them already
- Added Hardcore category and it’s first option - Go on reverse
- Postpone and dismiss Quest options, new visualization
- Optimized 25% CPU memory by better VFS management
- Auto word wrap feature according to caption size
- Depot and stop could be placed on existing track
- Balancing of infrastructure expenses
- Added VSync functionality
- Fixed: 20 issues
- Won Best gameplay and People’s choice at the Game Access conference !


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