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A little introduction post talking about the the ideas and artwork behind Max VS Mars.

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So after so many months of work, I can finally talk about my new WIP, Max VS Mars. It all started out with a doodle made during history class. I've lately been playing old school games almost exclusively, including my favorite game ever, Konami's excellent Rocket Knight Adventures, and making a side scroller just sounded like the perfect idea.
The Max character is based on a superhero I created when I was 7 who had a saw blade on his head. Originally, this was going to be the main attack in the game, but I didn't enjoy playing that way very much and eventually cut it. (Pardon the really bad pun.)
Anyway, some random facts about the game. The characters are all hand drawn with pencil, then inked with a brush and scanned. I really wanted to incorporate my love of making comics into this game and this seemed the perfect way to do so. I also felt it was really important to have a realistic cape with physics, and thankfully Dark Basic has a perfectly good physics engine available for such a task. The buildings in the background of level 1 are scanned ink wash paintings. I was probably inspired a bit by the cardboard feel of LittleBigPlanet.
I'm hoping to have the game finished by the end of the year, but that may not be possible as due to school I'm never sure how much free time I'll have. But hopefully.

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