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Been in fever for Matrix and HL at the time and wanted to create something with the Hammer Editor and this is the result so far. More Ideas for Levels are there but of course a need of resources for models, cool scripts etc. And another thing of course is the copyright stuff. Would be nice to hear some infos.

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Demo Download


The next level for example is headed for an office level where Neo works - with chasing agents and cops. But there are some things were i`d welcome help,info or sharing - of course just for fun and if youre interested, got enough time (at the time im also working alone on this, and watch out to have a nice time at modding and not putting to much effort into this an details etc. - you may know sourcemodding)

Here is small list of things for immersion that could be improved or are needed so far:

Textures/Models (Im bad at this... got some tools and know some basics like inserting etc. but got dont much knowledge at creating stuff with autodesks softimage etc.)

- models (for citizens, office workers, cops, Agents, main characters etc.)

- models for weapons

Codes and scripts - ideas that are matrix like related and may improve gameplay etc.

Additional Mapping stuff - May Some ideas for maps, events , sequences in levels etc.

You can also take a look in the maps with the hammer editor (hammer.exe starter is included in the bin folder) .vmf`s are included.

Music Usage - Read something and silenced the audios for now....

Main Menu


Neo`s Room







Chapter 2 - The Next Day



Huh, you know, not a bad start. Most Matrix mods stuck to the Max Payne 1&2 SDK so it's refreshing to see it in HL2!

Hoping to see these levels expanded upon! Even the use of SMOD wouldn't be out of the question!

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therealMooble Author

Hey thanks for the reply - i remember these times... with Equilibrium, Punisher stuff etc. - someone also got a moddb entry but the project died around 2006 i guess.

i will take a look at SMOD - saw something related recently but didnt research it deeper.


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Due to the nature of the current Source SDK, you're best bet is to go with the standalone release. Easy to mount mods but you are restricted to the 2006 Source build. Despite the limitations it's pretty damn astounding what modders could accomplish on something so old and buggy.

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therealMooble Author

Okay... Interesting.

I guess i´d rather go with the 2013 sdk build... but maybe youre right. I guess i will try out a port when i got the time.

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