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Another article regarding the updates the game has been receiving and covering the new materials that are given to the game.

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New Materials

Hello there people! We've received a lot of visitors lately and we appreciate your time to view us! As always, please do leave comments when you have time, as that will help us a lot

Now for the meaty part. This article was meant to be posted a few days before, but we hadn't the time to do so. So here are the new materials.


Here is the new super boss I mentioned before, now you can challenge it. It could one shot you, but you gotta have patience, and a little bit of thinking.

The boss, as some of you may know, is the Gueltaples, a ether beast that roams the planes of the dead. It now challenges you after you beat the demo.

Also, here's our mini montage of our game, its just a short video, but I feel that we need to include this for people who don't like waiting too long. Short Video

Aside from that, let's include the sprites for the characters.

Character1 Thinking

Here's troy thinking. Yes, thinking an awful lot!

Character1 Battle Sheet

As you can see, this is the battler sprite for our dear Troy. We decided to show you this so you know the process. We recently had to revamp the battler for smoother animations, but that comes later.


A lot of sprites, the works never end! But perhaps that's the joys of rpg making. Anyways, we just revamped these sprites and made it look a tad bit better.

Anyway, the newest prototype is also out, so be sure to give it a go!

I think that concludes our little article today!

We wish you the best!



Gorgin - - 1 comments

Just played through the demo, except I didn't fight the new super boss. I really enjoyed the game and I was wondering, will we for sure be able to transfer our save files to the new prototypes / updates?

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Strashiner Author
Strashiner - - 3 comments

Unfortunately you cant. Because when we add new material, we need to catefully script them in.thank you for your kind words! We will find a way to carry over save files...

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OJeskulke - - 94 comments

I like it, if the story is a good one you can't fail with this :)

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Strashiner Author
Strashiner - - 3 comments

The story is 27 hours. Romance, action, comedy, sadness...its well written and not cliche. Thank you for your kind words! We will sure make a good story out of this one.

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