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Masterspace v2.1 has been released introducing improvements to the world generation, as well as a new perk award system. Furthermore, a welding system for object has been added and the user interface has been improved.

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Masterspace v2.1 has been released introducing improvements to the world generator. Planet generation is now based on both temperature and humidity parameters, allowing generation of various environments including desert, ice, water and lava planets. To accommodate low humidity planets, a new type of desert sand has been added as well as a cactus generator. On really hot planets, there will also be liquid lava, which is highly hazardous. Each planet will now also have a unique atmosphere composition. Furthermore, smaller asteroids have been added to the world generation, providing plenty of resources but a highly limited building area.

Masterspace v2.1 Preview

This version also introduces a perk leveling system, connected to accumulation of culture points. Perk points may be spent on e.g. improving construction speed or increasing player health. Perks are scripted similar to other objects in the game, which allows for easy modification or adding of new perks.

Masterspace v2.1 Preview

Another new feature is the welding system, which allows objects to be welded in place. This also allows for objects to be placed on walls or on any other surface.

Masterspace v2.1 Preview

New objects in the game include a teleporter, which may be used for quick transportation, and a meteorite deflector, which may be used to decrease the frequency of meteorite impacts on planets. Furthermore, two new lamp types have been added, suitable for placement on walls. The turret has been split in one large and one small variant. Finally, a flagpole has been added, which may be used to claim planets. Flagpoles also allow for planets to be renamed.

Masterspace v2.1 Preview Masterspace v2.1 Preview

Other minor fixes include the support for swimming and the possibility to customize key bindings. Also, a repair tool has been added. Finally, a lot of bug fixes and user interface tweaks has been implemented. For a complete changelog, please see below.

Masterspace v2.1 Preview

Download the free version here:
Masterspace v2.1

To upgrade to the full version, download and install this unlocker. Please note that you need to apply this unlocker even if you have unlocked a previous version, as the unlockers are version specific.

ChangelogNew features:

  • Perks are awarded for achieving culture point milestones
  • Cactus generator
  • New materials: Cactus, Desert sand
  • Descriptions added to frontend settings
  • Double click may be used to quickly move inventory stacks
  • Support for multiple liquid materials
  • New liquid type: Lava
  • Introduced humidity parameter in planet generation
  • Support for asteroids in the planetary system generator
  • Welding of objects to terrain and buildings
  • New objects: Meteorite deflector, Flagpole, Teleporter, Wall lamp, Light fixture, Large turret
  • New tool: Repair tool
  • Swimming implemented
  • Support for custom music playlists
  • Custom key bindings
  • Different atmosphere compositions
  • Saving of Lua variables to file


  • Meteorite frequency decreased
  • Meteorite frequency may be set per planet
  • Turret is now smaller
  • Turret should now target meteorites
  • Improved flight controls
  • Most objects are now bottom-heavy
  • Duration of smoke for flares decreased to a few seconds
  • New main menu screen

Bug fixes:

  • Botanic assembler is functional again
  • Fixed rare crash in water simulation
  • Fixed terrain modification crash due to heavy CPU load
  • Added error message when multiplayer connection fails
  • Mouse movement should now work properly at low FPS
  • Fixed character getting stuck in terrain
  • Spaceships are now removed when destroyed
  • Fixed throwing when placing object bug
  • Clients in multiplayer may control spaceships again
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There is a bug in v2.1 which breaks the production of electronic components. I have uploaded v2.1a to fix this bug.

If you downloaded the setup file before this time, you should either redownload the setup file or apply the fix yourself as described here:

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