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MasterHero Mod 2.3.3 is Released. Update to it from Launcher if you have the mod or Download the New Fully Updated Installer.

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MasterHero Mod 2.3.3 Update Released (20-September-2017)

To get Latest Version (2.3.3)

Download & install Latest Version 2.3.3 (Full) Below

MasterHero Mod HD 2.3.0
Or Update through Mod Launcher

Update 2.3.3 for MasterHero Mod has been published.

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.3.3 :- (20-Sep-2017)

* Introducing Mod Updater version 2.0 with Major Changes and Additions:

- added New splash screen for the mod updater

- added download speed meter

- added download size meter

- added download percentage meter

* Fixing some bugs and Updates reported by the mod players

* for those who have problems in updating to latest versions, you can download the latest version full in the latest installer updated

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------

Update 2.3.2 :- (15-Sep-2017)

* Added Splash Loading Screen for the launcher as it take some time to load sometimes

* Art of Splash Replaced with Laucher Background Art

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
Update 2.3.1 :- (14-Sep-2017)

* Fixed Launcher RightHand Cut Bug

* Fixed some text bugs in the Laucher "Extra Money Expansion 10,000"

* Fixed some text bugs in the Game

------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------
Update 2.3.0 :- (09-Sep-2017)

* Fixed No Internet Problem

* New Arts ( Changed Almost all Main Menu Backgrounds and Launcher Backgrounds )
------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------

Update 2.2.9 :- (07-Dec-2016)

* Fixed Some Uninstall Problem

* New Installer Provided , You cam install 2.2.9 Version Directly from ModDB webpage
------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.2.8 :- (12-Sep-2016)

* Fixed Some Uninstall Problem

* Fixed some Assets Problem (Pink Items)

* Added "Online Expansion" Schedule Button in the Launcher

* Fixed Some Problem with Online Expansion Conversion

* Changed the Background Color of Launcher Menu Items

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update 2.2.7 :- (03-Sep-2016)

* Fixed Luancher Problem with Old Mod Files from Previous Versions

* Introducing "No Admin Access Mode" in the Launcher (You can play the mod without Admin Access)

# Normaly If the Game and the mod are installed in System Drive (Mostly C Drive), MasterHero Mod will Require to be ran as Admin.

# And if the Mod Luancher is ran as admin the Mod Launcher will function properly but the Cracked ROTWK CD Image will not work

# So to fix this error "No Admin Mode" is intorduced

# in this Luncher mode, you will be able to play MasterHero mod but without Most of Luancher Features

# This Luancher Mode is only applicaple if the Mod is installed in System Drive (Mostly C Drive) and you want to play the game with Cracked CD Image

* Fixed Ring Heroe Carthean Respawn bug

* Fixed Gothmog Weapon Radius

* Fixed AttackTroll Weapon Radius

* Added MasterHero Mod Ring Utilities Button in the Launcher

* Luancher Size Increased

* Fixing some Mod Launcher Disabling Issues

* New Setup Uploaded

------------------------------ ------------------------------
Update 2.2.6 :- (26-Aug-2016)

* MasterHero Mod Supports ( Windows Xp, vista, 7, 8, and 10) & Requires NetFrame work 4.0

* Fixed Lots of Models and Textures Bugs

* Fixed some Coding Bugs

* Fixed some Launcher Errors with windows XP

* Updated Launcher Style and added more speed and functions to the launcher

* Updated Expansions to the Latest Changes

* Updated Horedes Style to the Latest Changes

* Added Lots of New Textures and Graphical Changes

* Fixed some Portraits and Button Images

* Changed Launcher Icon Logo

* HD Remaster of almost all Textures < 80% of Units Textures are HD

* Redesigned Some Textures of Units with HD Textures

* Redesigned Some heroes Textures with HD Textures

* Lowerd Fortress Experiance Required to gain Fortress level

@ Reminder of Fortress Levels and Related Taxes System
# Fortress Level 1 = Civilians Give 100% Taxes (1 Money per second)
# Fortress Level 2 = Civilians Give 200% Taxes (2 Money per second)
# Fortress Level 3 = Civilians Give 600% Taxes (6 Money per second)
# Fortress Level 4 = Civilians Give 1200% Taxes (12 Money per second)

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Update your version now ..

Version 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0

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