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Remember the Male assasin from Opposing Force? I'm recreating it!!!

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Remember the Male Assasin from OP4 (Opposing Force) and Svencoop? Well, I'm recreating him. Well, them. There's going to be lots of massns running around Black Mesa now!

So far, I've used the Half-Life Human Soldier for a base, but he's on the same side as the FASSN (Female Assasin). Well, Gordon Frohman from Consequences is probably not gonna get the Fassn and the Hgrunt back together this time!!! I added a new class, the BlackOps. They'll be fighting AGAINST the HGrunts. Just like in OP4.

I also just wanted to put this up to bump it to the top of the list >:) Just Kidding :)

Like I said before, anyways, LOADS of variety.



Wow a new military personel that actually HELPS you !
finally,i didn't think the military would fight a side a scientist !
and i wonder how will the 'LOADS of variety' of BlackOps will look like :D I'll be checking this mod every day for any news,updates or downloads !

Go Dexter Go !

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KarimIO Author

No, actually, they won't be helping you (the blackops)

But SOME HECU units are fed up of all this mess, and try to fight along side the scientists, maintenance, administration and security of black mesa. These allied HECU include Adrian Shepard.

Oh, and thanks!

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hey put some spyes too set tey're with scuba kits and a lot of weapons
and put the robot grunt but when him die he don't self destruct because if you have an scientist with you he reprogram the mission objective of the robot and make him friendly

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