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So I dont even know where to start add about 13 tanks, 4 helicopters, 2 aircraft, 4 Btrs, 4 trucks/cars new textures. Added a whole new vehicle combat system, yes the helicopters do land and take off theres so much added and now it is time to start working on conquest and fixing bugs.

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NOW ON STEAM!!!!! Steam Workshop::Vietnam Mod (

List of planned/already done features
-Unit models 100% done
-Weapons models 85% done
-Weapon mechanics 95% done
-Vehicles 80% done
-Maps 50% done
-Conquest 0% done -Paratrooper drop request 0% done (for conquest mode)
-Port to Gates Of Hell 0% done
-Maps for MP 0% done
-MP mode 0% done
Will add more things to the list as I think of them.

Looking for people to help with the mod

Showcase link

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20220101114133 1

20220101140436 1

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