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Well, with the near finish of ac_p1 (gameplay wise, not graphics wise) I'm going to post a massive media release of images for it...

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Yeah, it's true! ac_p1 is almost complete, in terms of gameplay, and I shall start on ac_p2, expect a massive amount of images in the near future. Ac_p2 will consist mainly of attempting to get to a small rebellion base, where they're recruiting people to try turn Cleveland Combine free.

Anyway, not that much info I can tell you right now, all I can say is that G-Man might pop in...

Bugs, AC_P1 has tons of them.
There seem to be a ton of random crashes happening in the level, I hope I don't have to rebuild it. (fourth time) Because that would be a pain. Also, YellowApple is a certified test subject (guinea pig >: D) for the mod.

He's reporting crashes and stuff to me.
Anyways, largest news post ever from me.

I'm really annoyed with these crashes, it may be all the debris displacements there are, but I've had levels with that many before and had no issues.
Anyways I'll keep you updated.

Keep watching, I think by next week we'll be snowed in with a media release.

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I would like to see the g-man behind one of those frosted glass observation room things that are so common in the portal testing chambers.

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This isn't no Enrichment Center.

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nicely done, to bad about the crashes but im sertain that it will work out, and if you put Gman in, dont show him a lot, just in some hard to spot scenes like in Halflife and so:P anyway Im realy looking forward to the media release:P im sure it's awesome!

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