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We are proud to present Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champion and its major update. Let's begin by saying it started as a survival game and as it has further developed it has morphed into a RPG survival fantasy game.

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New Style, New Spells, More fun!

We are proud to present KoA:Crown of the Champion and its major update. Let's begin by saying it started as a survival game and as it has further developed it has morphed into a RPG survival fantasy game. The game is in its own category since we wanted to bring older game styles into Atham similar to Diablo 2, Runescape, Skyrim, Forged with fire and Conan!

We have done a lot of optimization, including having DLSS enabled to allow better performance while playing on our servers at 90+ FPS in an Open-World setting. For our first game we are quite proud of this!

Game Features

  • PvE/PvP
  • SP, Co-op, Online Servers and Private Servers
  • Unions, Guilds, Societies (Professions)
  • Party system
  • Guild system
  • Questing
  • Crafting
  • Building
  • Melee: Dual wielding, magic enchanted weapons
  • Ranged: Bow, Crossbow and Throwing weapons
  • Magic: 6 types of magic from Fire to Holy to Summoning
  • Factions and different biomes to explore
  • Dungeons & Caves
  • Hidden secret levels
  • Arena to test your PvP skills
  • Day/Night creature changes
  • A lot of surprises and comedy


Game Story

The world of Atham has thrived through the ages under the guidance of the Divine Guardians. All factions: Humans, Dryads & Savages, lived peacefully amongst each other until…

The conflict between the guardians originated over control of the Crown and led to a breach in their ranks. One that wanted to preserve Atham as is; the other that wanted to dominate it. As the battle between the adversaries raged it enveloped the known world.

Giant shadows were observed on the horizon, the echoed sounds of shattered mountains reverberated through the realms and violent tremors reduced civilizations to rubble.

The final engagement between the two factions lead to the shattering of the crown and the apocalyptic release of energy that reforged the Guardians into callus power mongers. Blinded to their original belief of maintaining balance amongst all things they transformed into tyrannical despots. Their malice, brutality, and oppression altered the very nature of Atham.

The moment the Crown shattered every creature experienced a feeling of loss and was forever changed by it. This was followed by 5 mysterious objects that fell from the heavens and impacted the world with such force that it created fissures across the realms. Following the "Sundering" despair invaded the hearts and minds of the people as an unnatural propagation of malformed creatures ravaged the lands searching for those remnants of the Crown.

To regain the missing pieces of the Crown the divine guardians sent down their divine chains upon the world of Atham. The chains formed the bridges from their realm to the lands of Atham; creating the pathways for their demonic armies to rain terror upon the peoples of Atham.

As resources waned the formerly cohabitating species began to wage wars upon one another, in addition to the spawns of the Guardians, leading Atham into further despair. As the population teetered on the edge of oblivion a solicitous subset of guardians took the people under their protection. The leader of this group, referred to as the Great Elder, created heroes called Champions to support the factions and buttress the spirits of their chosen people.




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