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Brand new mask concepts are being created this is some news related to the mask concepts and how you can help to give us ideas please read this post and comment as we need ideas soon

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Hey guys! We would like to let you know that we have mask/ helmet concept art being drawn up now, and would love to hear what ideas for masks/helmets are! Please comment or contact us what your idea is, as we want a huge variety of masks to be created! We already have a few ideas, and they have been drawn up, so please help us with more ideas!

We so far have a mask called the Anarchist (the picture of the article) which is one of the three (or more) masks that you have access to if using the villain character! We have a mask for the merc, which is nameless for now, and a vigilante mask that is also nameless as of now!

please post your ideas for masks/helmets! As we want literally over 100 ideas!

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