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Our new and long awaited update – THE RISING – is finally here! We’ve reached a big milestone in the production of MarZ Rising. Now finally, we’re proud to say that the story campaign including 20 missions is finished. Woah!

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Our new and long awaited update – THE RISING – is finally here! We’ve reached a big milestone in the production of MarZ Rising. Since September 2017 we’ve added plenty of new features, worked on the story campaign, added new levels, fixed a whole lot of bugs, did plenty of optimizations, changed balancing…. It’s just crazy to see how the game progressed during this time! And you have contributed a big part to this progress. So, THANK YOU! Now finally, we’re proud to say that the story campaign including 20 missions is finished. Woah!

NEW Mission 19 - Terminal Velocity

You’re one step closer to the truth! Don’t let you fool you by the fact that there’s only one path. You definitely have to prove your skills!

NEW Mission 20 - The Rising

The final level of the campaign! It definitely holds some surprises for you. The last mission of the campaign uncovers the mystery behind the zombie epidemic. We don’t want to spoil too much, but one’s for sure, you’ll be amazed! Technically and artistically it was a challenge, but we’ve managed it.

NEW Outro Cutscene

Of course there’s no campaign without a nice outro cutscene right? We’ve got you covered! Maybe you’ve already discovered a hint in the announcement gif. We’d love to show you everything but that would just spoil too much. See it for yourself.

NEW Difficulty Levels

Good news everyone! MarZ Rising now includes three different difficulty levels. The difficulty level can be selected before starting a new mission. The current difficulty level is now the “challenging” level. So there’s one easier and one harder level – for anyone who really seeks the challenge!

NEW Configurable Shortcuts

We’ve recently received a lot of requests for adding the possibility of changing shortcuts. Well, we’ve added that as well to the update. Go to the options menu and click on configure shortcuts.

NEW Monolith Scanning

The monolith also got some love and received a new scanning device. Additionally it is now possible to select your crew during a scanning process. The research time has been divided into three parts, so when moving a crew away from the monolith the time will be set back to it’s last reached time checkpoint.

NEW Perk - Duck And Cover

A new perk unlocks after completing mission 19. This is more of a “negative” perk. It adds a new challenge to the game by spawning a meteorite shower randomly. The meteorite shower damages everything that’s in the way… even enemies. 😉

NEW Perk - Hell Yeah!

We wanted to make something very special for the last perk which unlocks after you have completed the campaign. Kind of a reward for everyone who made it. We had this idea before but it never made it beyond the conceptual stage. Until now! So what this perk does is, it allows you to take place inside of a machinegun tower and control it in first person view! Quite awesome huh? Hell yeah!

What's Next?

So you might ask what’s next? MarZ Rising still stays in Early Access because we’re not done yet! We’re already working on two exciting new features effecting a lot of replayability. First we’ll add a skirmish mode to the game allowing you to play every map (except mission 20) with different game settings and randomly generated enemy waves. We’ll make sure that you can edit most of those settings. You want to play only against crawlers, or only against crashers, try it out! Additionally we plan to implement a level editor allowing you to create your own maps for the skirmish mode. On top of that we plan to add steam workshop integration, additional localization, achievements, profile page etc. So as you can see, we still have plenty to do, but we’re getting there.

Alright, so what are you waiting for? Tell your friends, and grab the latest update! 🙂

If you want to stay updated about further development of the game you can also follow us on our social media channels here:

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MarZ Rising: Twitter
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doorfortyfour: Instagram[]

Thank you and have fun playing!
Miriam & Marc
Over and out!


  • New: Final campaign!
  • New: mission 19 – Terminal velocity
  • New: mission 20 – The rising
  • New: Outro
  • New: Difficulty levels
  • New: Configurable shortcuts
  • New: Perk – Duck and cover
  • New: Perk – Hell yeah!
  • New: UI mission select: Added intro and outro
  • ——————————
  • Changed: Added monolith scanning device
  • Changed: Crew which analyzes monolith can now be selected
  • Changed: Monolith analyzing time is divided into three parts
  • ——————————
  • Bugfix: Extractor truck won’t get stuck anymore
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where paths randomly got deactivated
  • Bugfix: No more enemies running in circles
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where Borderzone dismantle task did not close properly
  • Bugfix: Armory techtree UI updates faster
  • Bugfix: Crew who analyzes monolith is not selectable anymore
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug in mission 15 where paths didn’t get rebuilded
  • Bugfix: Fixed coffee time perk
  • Bugfix: Fixed turbo perk, selecting in-game wont enable it
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where shocker secondary attack won’t get freezed by freezeray
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where mutated could not attack monolith
  • Bugfix: Fixed reflection probe bake bug after returning from options menu
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where the wrong story dialog would be loaded in some levels
  • Several smaller bugfixes and code optimizations
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