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Yep we're on a downward slope as we concentrate our efforts on testing, retuning and enhancing visuals (e.g. the race cars in the Slot Cars Map).

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Map Development

The major map development has completed now and of late we have added new animations for the enemies, a progress tracking system and been fixing various issues that have cropped up such as those found in the beta (if you found anything please let us know).

Visuals Updates

We've been tweaking things in the maps for example in the Slot Cars map we thought the race cars might need a new paint job so we've enhanced those cars.

The following images of the cars were taken from in game within the Slot Cars map. Oh in case you were wondering whilst it was considered, the cars are not restricted to the slots in the track, you can drive them anywhere.

You can also drive timed laps around the 2 tracks.


yay, those are looking great :3

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