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Explore the graveyard world of Boz Pity, another new map included in Battlefront Chronicles.

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I had been planning to feature a different map in this update, but I changed my mind at the last minute because I wanted to show a map that was created entirely with models I made myself, as opposed to models that were included in the stock assets or released by members of the Gametoast community. So today I bring you Boz Pity, a world that was briefly mentioned in Revenge of the Sith, but only visually depicted in Battlefront: Renegade Squadron and a few comics. According to Star Wars lore, Boz Pity was once home to a race of giants that were hunted to extinction. As the giants were killed off, they erected massive monuments in memory of those who had perished, earning the planet its reputation as a "graveyard world." In reflection of this, the atmosphere is fairly gloomy - twilight has fallen over the landscape, while a thin layer of mist drifts over the ground. Being the former home of giants, the architecture is appropriately giant-sized. Units, and even vehicles, are dwarfed by the massive monuments that are scattered throughout the map.

Screenshots Screenshots
Screenshots Screenshots

I still need to add some smaller details to fill out the map, but the bulk of the design is done. The overall map size is large. The map is comprised of two "arenas" that are separated by the gates seen in the top-left screenshot. The layout makes the map suitable for a variety of modes. It is big enough for XL, but still compact enough for conquest. A number of vehicles are available for both sides. The Republic has an AT-TE, fightertanks, and speederbikes, while the CIS has AATs, Hailfire tanks, and STAPs. Vehicles for the Empire and Alliance will be fairly similar - AT-ATs, speederbikes, and assorted hover tanks.

With this update, everybody should be all caught up with any updates I've already posted elsewhere. Expect more news posts soon! I'll continue to unveil new maps as they come along, and I'll also be revealing information about sides and units in the near future.

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

While I grasp why you made things so large, some areas (Specifically the big circle picture) feel just devoid of any sort of cover or anything to do other than stand around to capture or defend a command post.

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SolidJames - - 1,326 comments

I personally like it, the fact it is submerged into the ground will give you a little natural cover. I think it will work fine.

Good job overall.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

By rough estimation of the picture, it seems you'd only have about 1 foot of cover. Considering the reality that a wookiee unit would be about 8-10 feet, and most standard soldiers 5-6 feet, it doesn't seem like a good level of cover. Simply inserting something (such as a broken fountain or statue) with some passable points in between its remains would provide a significantly better protection. Other wise, it is likely a sniper could very casually shoot every person that spawns at the CP.

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-Eggman- Author
-Eggman- - - 59 comments

Each ledge is approximately the same height as a normal unit, so it's plenty of cover to crouch behind. Also, that command post is situated on the high ground of that area, so enemies cannot fire into the command post until they are practically on top of it. Finally, keep in mind that the map is still a work in progress. As I said in the news post, I still need to add some smaller props to fill out some of the open areas.

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Arcones - - 5,546 comments

I have to agree with Paradigmthefallen. I prefer cover, which the original maps made great use of, but this seems slightly empty.

Overall, it looks fabulous though.

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