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After watching the video-walkthrough I have seen some problems within the maps. I also have some hints for you to survive.

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Hello everyone,

for people which are still playing my MOD please be informed that there are some map issues.
Why I'm reporting them so late? Well I have watched the video walktrough, which you can find
here: Half-Life-The Conspiracy In Shadow 2 Part 1 from the beginning to the end. :)
But the big problem is I can't fix it because I lost the source files of the maps.
I can imagine that some of them can be very frustrating therefore I will warn you about it.

But first some hints to survive.
Keep every munition and spare them, you really need every bullet. All of the creatures have high damage areas at the eyes. In special the Alien Trooper and the Guard Droid! Don't waste your munition to shoot on the body! The shielded Alien can just be really killed with an grenade!

There are some puzzles which ending the game immediately. Just look at the environment before turning on a switch or rotating a wheel. For example: Part 4 of the video-walktrough 1:22 Minute. Map: tcis0a3 - "Don't turn on the pump before the silo is full" Don't wonder when the complex get blown up if you don't listen to it.

Also in the same map, Minute 1:50, once again, the rope can just be climbed with the "c" key! After you have turned on the water flow a lot of aliens will spawn. Don't waste your munition to shoot all aliens down you can hide under the broken ceilings, also don't run back to the water station! ...and yes, you have to turn on both pumps not just one!

Killing an innocent will end the game! ( Except at the end )

Now to the problems which I have seen.

Part 6 - Minute 4:43
The shield recovers too fast. Well it's seems to be a problem of the high performance of the new computers.
You really have to get the correct time to jump through or pushing you through like "TheMegatonBomb" did it in the video. I promise, as I made the game the time between switching on and off was much longer! :)
If you want to have it easier just get the doctor from the beginning, he also will deactivate the shield.
EDITH: Sorry for the misleading information but you don't need the doctor to open the force field. ( it won't work ) Long time not played. Anyway it just seems that TheMegatonBomb didn't installed the patch 1.2 which have fixed this already. The force field should be down for near 2 seconds after you have started the test near this field.

Part 11 - Minute 6:39, 8:33
Mostly at the last map tcis0a9. The welding soldier dies after he got the medic or won't follow you correctly. The only way to fix the first problem, get sure that you are fighting with the soldiers and get sure the Alien Trooper won't throw a grenade. If the welding soldier got damage he will die after the sequence is complete.

Part 12 - Minute 3:40
If he won't follow you correctly just try to push him out of the door.

I hope this will help some people.
Life long and prosper


It's nice to see that mod's author is still caring about people playing his mod. Cheers for this!

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