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We will give you a little bit of a place to discuss map 3. It is coming out tonight, or tomorrow. This is one of the maps that are more rushed then any other maps. This one will probably be the one that will be the least favorite. But how!? Because its boring in my opinion. *Though I believe all of my maps and games are boring aha* You are stranded in the mountains basically, and you have new camos, and there will be spiders too! :D Yay! And a main menu where you can play the updated maps 1-3

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The new map 3 as stated in the Summary will have a new main menu. Because of the main menu, you can now choose from 3 different maps in the main menu. Song by NRGizer - We Have Invisible Friends. It's gonna rock guys! Stay tuned for it tonight! This is going to be one hell of an update. So whats new in the update? The first map will lag less, there will be less trees, more nombie zombies, map 2 will have more space taken up in the map, and map 3, ITS JUST NEW! So please wait, and download the update when available.

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