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This is map 2 of my new Ion Fury mod, which contains 1200+ new textures (tiles) and at least 4 very large maps. All build with the old Buildengine and Eduke32, better known to some as Mapster32. CHECK THE NEW GAMEPLAY VIDEO HERE!

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"SPYmaps Ion Jungle"

It is an (almost) TC - Total Conversion. It has 1200+ textures, at least 4 new very large maps from which 2 are already fully finished. D.W.Tietz reworked some of the original code and even added some great lines to make some awesome effects. And it will have all weapons replaced with the awesome weapon set made by Yijart. Should someone want to use the original Ion Fury weapons then this is of course possible.

The story starts where the original Ion Fury did end, with the death of evil transhumanist mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel after he unleashed his members onto the streets of Neo DC. Seems some of the members of his cybernetic cult were able to get away. Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison has to track them all down somewhere in the jungle and fight again, till the last man falls.

Please check here some of the gameplay of map 2;

And here is the gameplay video of map 1;

Here is a list of my 3 previous released Ion Fury maps;

SPYmaps Ion Fury 1.0

SPYmaps Ion Fury 2 (final version 3.0)

SPYmaps Ion Fury 3

And here you can find all my other sp-maps, sp-mappacks, and sp-mods from the last 20 years for games such as Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, Quake+Quake2, CoD 1+2, Mohaa, Prey, Sof2, Half Life2 and episodes, Serious Sam Bogus Detour, Broforce, Far Cry 5 and some others that I am forgetting;


Guess that is about it for now. Soon I will have new footage of map 3, so please use the "Mod Watch Follow" option so you know when new info is uploaded!

Have a nice day, and, keep your eyes out for new maps and mods! We modders are here to entertain YOU!
Leon Brinkmann, aka


Wicked stuff, dude! I've been meaning to play Ion Fury for awhile so knowing it has a collection of SpyMaps ready to go, there shouldn't be much holding me back now! c:

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SPY-maps Author

Hahaha, thanks! The game itself is a real great old-school shooter. Should you love Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, and those Build engine games then you will like Ion Fury for sure. And, I did indeed make quite a few maps which make having the game hopefully even more fun, lol.

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