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today, agentaaa has written up a nice lore entry on the new mammoth tanks that are in The Forgotten Chapter, fighting for GDI.

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An old member of the service, the mammoth tank was an adept GDI unit in the first war, and to this day it's fire-power is still considered a stunning reminder of GDI's sheer power. While the Mammoth Mk. I is still in-service, a new experimental model has recently been created to help it fill it's role as a punishing, durable tank even better - Sporting 125mm cannons, improved Fire-rate and targeting systems for it's new Quad mammoth tusk missiles, and New-generation armor built of new alloys and composites derived from tiberium research, the Mammoth MI-A2 is a powerful beast on the battlefield, able to take down any tank in it's path in seconds and reducing Light vehicles to ashes before the count starts. the Improved mammoth tusk missile design allows the Mammoth to engage even groups of anti-tank infantry and come out of the confrontation a winner. Combined with the mammoth tusks giving superb air defense, the only real counter to the mammoth tank at this point is orbital weapons or simply sheer numbers, overwhelming it before it can wreak too much havoc.
The new mammoth is not without it's flaws, however. Both the cannons and the additional missile launchers, and the added munitions of both, weigh the tank down considerably, along with it's heavy new armor-set, and this results in a much slower top-speed than the original version of the mammoth. the new mammoth is also far costlier than the original, requiring almost double the credits to produce on the battlefield, and takes an extensive amount of time to manufacture on-demand, leaving a large time-frame which enemy soldiers can take advantage of to take out the weapons factory outright. like the original mammoth tank, the advanced clearance and design required to manufacture the tank requires the advanced communications centre.

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