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So, I've gotten some new things up and running on my quest for a finished game.

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Hi, again. So here's the progress so far of my new game, GridSpace, made completely in the Blender Game Engine. I've gotten a nice little outpost area set up (the first 'town' of the game) where you will be able to upgrade your ship and capabilities - it's coming along alright. I've managed to work out a pretty nice system of talking to NPCs simply by approaching them - if they have something to say, simply pressing the 'Shoot' button will continue the conversation. Choices may or may not be implemented into dialog - that's more of an RPG thing.

I also have a working system where enemies stay out of town (when I want them to). This is by means of an invisible barrier object around the town's perimeter.

Now the only thing that's really stumping me is what buildings for geometrical shapes should look like. :| I'll figure something out...

Finally, this game, when finished, will hopefully be for all major computer platforms - Windows (XP, at least - perhaps Vista as well), Mac, and Linux.

Anyway, I also have a simple gameplay video up and running on my site. Check it out.

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