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We need your help for our maps. You have to give us maps ideas for our mod.

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Hello everyone ! We need your opinions about some maps. We have several ideas for differents maps which need to be created but maybe there is other maps that we forgot. We want to create the best representation of the Mass Effect universe as we can so, share your ideas!

Here you have the maps that we are going to create :

  • Earth
  • Moon Approach
  • Palaven
  • Menae
  • Tutchanka
  • Thessia
  • Rannoch
  • Citadel
  • Approaching the Citadel
  • Omega
  • Feros
  • Noveria
  • Eden Prime
  • Anasius (With the Cronos Station)
Is there any important map wich needs to be created ? You can share your ideas freely.
Thanks! Thitest Out


Earth with the citadel?

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Erayser Author

Why not but it's more for the mod campaign

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In any case, a lot of work, but finally, all depend on the future campaign (if any)

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1. Manae and Palaven should be on the same map (according to ME3 history, where Turian Fleet take Reapers in a trap), isn't?

2. Why not a map focused on the Perseus Veil (Voile de Persée), with a big "nebula" to cut the map on two parts?

3. A red/orange shinny map with the Alpha-Relay?

4. A custom map for Relay 314 (First Contact War)?

5. A map for Sur'Kesh (with many research stations, according to novels)?

In any case, a lot of work, but finally, all depend on the future campaign (if any)! :)

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How about the exit to the Omega 4 relay and the collector base

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a map for the fall of arcturus. so a arcturus map with maybe the station? :)

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For me on first place:

1. Moon Approach
2. Earth (maybe Earth in peace, and Earth at war?)
3. Tuchanka
4. Thessia
5. Citadel (for me: In the Citadel )
6. Approaching Citadel
7. Noveria
8. Eden Prime
9. Anasius
10. hmm... Omega station too, but this shoulb be in FX mod for Homeworld2 mod because this is for me... a Kadesh Big Station :P :P

and my sugestions: Ilos, Virmir, Horizont, Mars(?), Omega 4 Relay.

Ah and Dvergar have good idea. Relay 314 and Perseus Nebula.
And my idea: Pluton with Charon station and Relay (in background)

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Ah, and Palaven with moon Menae. This is Turian homeworld ;) I still play ME3 :P

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I agree with Palaven and Menae, that was an awesome battle sight. Mars maybe? And Charon Station would be nice though you'd have to create the station and everything which would take time. The quarian homeworld, Ilos and Cronos station as well.

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