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I'm making a new game! A simulation game about making your own movies!

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Well, after I finish the exam,(I'm a student) I can go and build my game again! This time around, it's gonna be a simulation game! Well, my target platform is web, that is Kongregate. But who knows, maybe mobile too. For now, there's only a couple of UI. I'm in testing stage so no pictures. Huhu~~~ Anyway, I don't know when it's gonna be released yet because I'm still planning the game. Maybe 16/06/2018 but that is not confirmed yet. Thank you for reading this Dev Blog!

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you what's the game is. Sorry! Well, the game is a simulation game about making movies! Inspired by other game called Showtime!(Included the "!") For now, though, the game's disappear from Steam's store but maybe they will fix it, who knows.

My game is gonna be like, you gonna run your own studio. Find director, actors, actresses, extras and if animation, voice cast! I will add more dev blogs later! I will try to update at least twice a weak.

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